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December 23rd
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November 18th
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yo peasants: Ive had this vivid dream today, where a man sleeps in a room and then,...


Ive had this vivid dream today, where a man sleeps in a room and then, a girl in a mask comes in.

He tries to rip the mask of her and he rips it off with a half of her face and then she stabs herself with a big blunt object (something like a pole i cant clearly remember what it was).

The blood…

November 14th
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November 7th
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Woah guys have some AU`s ive written out. 

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November 7th
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So this happened.
I had Sabriel and Destiel feels at the same time and I just…

Ahh this is really cute! 


So this happened.

I had Sabriel and Destiel feels at the same time and I just…

Ahh this is really cute! 

October 19th
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To celebrate my birthday, I’ve decided to give out all the free things and stuff I’ve had in the past that’s fandom-related. Well, not all of them. I’ve gotten a bunch of mailing errors lately in what I buy, so they’ve given me 2 of a lot of things… tea, books, more tea—

  1. Comics shoes: Whoever wins can pick from heels, flats, or Vans-style shoes so I can meticulously cut apart some old comics of their character/theme of choice and paste them on. Water-proof! Just try not to go all Aquaman on them.
  2. Tea: TARDIS and Reichenbach Recovery! Earl grey bravo, blackberry, vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel tea goodness. You can search for the blends on Adagio for more details, but personally they’re both better with a bit of milk and sugar.
  3. Avengers blu-ray: Steelbook version~ Doesn’t need much description. HD asses in your face, really. Everyone in this film is burdened with glorious ass.
  4. Journey Into Mystery: Kid-Loki Issues #622-636. 3 different trades and lots of feels. Lots. Of. Feels. LOTS OF THEM. You can also enjoy Kid Loki figuring out how to troll via blogging on a Starkphone, but feels dominate.
  5. Tom Hiddleston: Now that I’ve got your attention, this is just a huge poster of Loki. Hang it on your ceiling so you can have his sweet face watching you as you sleep. And when you wake up. 
  6. Pick 1/3 of these!: The winner gets to choose between a deerstalker, a Spider-man mug, a TARDIS lunchbox. Perhaps a deerstalker to play ear frisbee? The mug to drink your new tea blends? Or maybe a TARDIS lunchbox, so you have infinite space to put your lunch. Guaranteed.


  • Follow me. Or kneel. Either works. Har, har. I might update the giveaway, so—
  • Reblog; likes don’t count. (Check out tumblr’s new note crisis.) Fill out this form to enter unlimited times as well! But reblog it first.
  • Shipping to anywhere in the world and beyond~!
  • You have until Thorsday, November 1st, 2012, 11:59PM EST.
  • I’m also commissioning the comics shoes! Click here to fill out a form if you’re really serious about commissioning a pair from me.

October 17th
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Doing a post-Yaoicon giveaway! There’s not much else to say.

What you get: 

- An 11”x17” Supernatural print, on luster paper

- A tiny origami envelope with small (& PG) pictures of Supernatural characters

- An artist trading card commission (ink & wash)


- You don’t need to be following me!

- Please only reblog and like once, and only on one account!

- Your askbox should be open. Fair warning: I will message you about your address every consecutive two weeks if you don’t reply!

- The giveaway ends on October 31st, Halloween, 11:59 PM Pacific Standard.

- I can ship anywhere.


You can buy more prints or prints of different sizes at Storenvy!

Other giveaways

HELP i realyl want this…….

October 15th
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What happens if you make a copy of a copy of a copy (and so on) of a VHS tape? This experiment shows how the quality degrades with every generation.

How to turn a cheesy 90’s music video into fucking nightmare fuel

im pretty sure i saw a few shots of satan in that 22nd generation

Man that’s creepy

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September 30th
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September 30th
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